The new Nissan's concept Teatro for Dayz appears as quite weird

10/05/2015 14:04:55
The so-called Teatro for Dayz new Nissan's concept represents, according to the Japanese automaker, “a new concept of mobility," even if it's more a giant portable display screen than a transport mean.

The so-called Teatro for Dayz new Nissan's concept represents, according to the Japanese automaker, “a new concept of mobility.” 

Some may have the impression that Nissan’s new concept car for the upcoming Tokyo auto show appears to be another iteration of the boxy Nissan Cube, but the Teatro for Dayz uses an all-electric drivetrain and features a highly customizable, lounge-like interior that’s targeted at younger generations and their multitude of portable devices. In other words, this thing is not for people who care about driving.

Instead, it’s best to think of the Nissan Teatro for Dayz as a giant portable display screen. LED panels on the exterior of the car can show different patterns to spice up the otherwise bland design. The simplistic interior, which has two rows of bench seats, essentially uses large white slabs as displays that show the car’s instruments while driving.

Even more configuration possibilities open up when the Nissan concept is parked, when it basically becomes a giant battery that allows the “share native” generation of owners to charge their various devices. Users can control the interior atmosphere through their smartphones, changing the color of the seats or the mood lighting. The dashboard displays can even be used for video games. 


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